Beware of … Bottled Water?

Tap water is readily available, and it’s free. In addition, the water that flows from public fountains and your kitchen sink doesn’t require the use of plastic bottles that take millions of gallons of oil to make, only to spend thousands of years in a landfill.

If not for the environment or your wallet, perhaps you will ditch bottled water for your kids’ teeth. Our pediatric dentists promote drinking water from the tap because municipal water sources contain a bonus ingredient that most bottled brands lack – fluoride.

Delivered in small doses multiple times a day, this important mineral strengthens tooth structure while inhibiting acid production by bacteria. That’s why fluoride is the primary ingredient in toothpaste and supplied as a gel or foam treatment during your child’s regular cleaning.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to turn on the faucet:

  • Recent studies suggest that drinking bottled water may be the culprit for rising incidences of tooth decay among young children.
  • Tap water beats bottled water in numerous blind taste tests.
  • Municipal water sources are regularly tested for safety.
  • Bay Area tap water has been cited as among the highest quality in the state, with snowmelt from the Sierras and Yosemite’s Hetch Hetchy Reservoir as primary sources.
  • Studies show that chemicals used to make plastic water bottles, such as bisphenol A, may leach.

*Shopping for a BPA-free water bottle can be fun! Here are some popular brands making designs that local kids love: Lifefactory, Earthlust, and Laptop Lunches


  1. James Norris says:

    In Mexico, that is all we drink from. We have to drink from water bottles because it isn’t safe to do anything else. There are many bpa free water bottles in Mexico. If there were that many in Seattle, it would be quite the investment. Thanks for sharing this extra information.


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