Smithsonian Opens “The Tooth Fairy File”

Strange things are afoot at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. Historians, curators, and other museum workers are so stumped they’re eliciting the help of detectives under the age of 12 to solve the mystery. Young detectives are invited to open the “The Tooth Fairy File.”

Behind the scenes, museum reports include objects being moved from storage, vaults being entered, and a tiny perpetrator, Ratoncito Perez, spotted on camera. That’s right, Ratoncito Perez, the right-hand mouse for the Tooth Fairy!

Here’s other evidence to suggest that the Tooth Fairy comes to the museum at night:

  • A fairy puppet from the 1930s emerged in the storage room, surrounded by tiny teeth and glitter.
  • Nancy, a curator in the Numismatics Division, where they study money, suspects Ratoncito Perez has been examining the museum vault to decide who gets what kind of money for what kind of tooth.
  • Sheet music was laid out on the Reference Room table, all of it involving fairies, as well as the sheet music for “My Two Front Teeth.”

Finally, a large cache of tiny teeth was discovered in the ceiling of a display case. What do you think? Does the tooth fairy hide the teeth she collects in the museum?

Watch this video to help solve the mystery, and tell us what you think:

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