5 Hidden Benefits of Smiling

SmileBabies are born with the ability to smile, and there are many reasons to keep them smiling, beyond the joy it communicates. Smiles can lift the spirits of the recipient, as well as the person doing smiling. Unexpected benefits of smiling include everything from stress relief to greater wealth. Here are 5 reasons to smile and pass it on (it’s contagious)!

1. Higher achievement. Poor oral health has been linked to lower academic performance. Beyond the schooling years, studies have shown that healthy smiles contribute to more successful job interviews, the increased likelihood to receive a larger salary offer, and a greater chance of being promoted once on the job.

2. Stress relief. Stress can affect kids as well as adults, with the pressures of school and the watchful eyes of social media taking their toll on today’s youngsters. Every smile, however, releases endorphins and serotonin, helps to lower the heart rate and relieves stress levels.

3. Immune system boost. According to Pick the Brain, when you smile, your body naturally relaxes and your immune system is able to function optimally, helping to fight off colds and flu.

4. Making friends. Smilers are thought to have more friends. With a greater sense of self confidence and a more approachable demeanor effected by smiling, it’s no wonder.

5. Live longer. According to Psychological Science, a Wayne University study of pictures taken of baseball players in 1952 suggests those smiling outlived their non-smiling counterparts by seven years.

Photo (featured): romainguy/CC BY-SA 2.0

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