4 Surprising Facts about Soda


With school out, summer is a critical time to stay on top of what the kids are doing and drinking. The majority of U.S. teens drink soda every day, and the habit is leading to some pretty major repercussions. The following soda facts that may surprise you, and hopefully, spark up fresh reminders to keep soda off the table:

  • Its worst effects could mimic that of meth use. A case study at the Temple University School of Dentistry, exposed how consuming heavy amounts of diet soda could wreak as much damage to teeth as regular methamphetamine use does! This includes deep brown stains, rampant decay, and tooth erosion.
  • Most contain a well-known drug. That would be caffeine! Caffeine is known to cause everything from jitters, upset stomach, and headaches, to difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, and increased heart rate and blood pressure. According to KidsHealth.org, it takes far less caffeine to produce the above effects in kids.
  • Its sweetness is not very nice. There’s a lot of sugar packed into those soda cans. A regular, 16.5-oz can packs in as much sugar as what’s contained in 15 cookies, and it would take 64 cookies to consume the sugar contained in the average American’s weekly soda intake!
  • It is a major contributor to a rising epidemic. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, one in three children in the U.S. is overweight or obese! The rising consumption of sugary drinks like soda has been a major contributor to this epidemic, one that leads to a host of related medical problems for our youth.

Keep your kids hydrated this summer with cold water at the ready in the fridge, brightened with fresh mint and fruit slices.

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