Is Having a Perfect Smile the Key to Success?

PerfectSmileIn an Alameda Pediatric Dentistry blog post, “5 Hidden Benefits of Smiling,” we linked smiling to unexpected benefits like higher achievement, stress relief, immune system health, making friends, and longer lifespan.

When it comes to higher achievement, Marie Claire’s Beauty Director, Erin Flaherty, insists that a perfect smile matters. Flaherty’s recent article, “The Get-Ahead Grin,” documents her woes as an insecure schoolgirl whose overbite and crooked teeth led to unfortunate nicknames like “Bugs Bunny” and “Bucktoothed.” (One thing you can say about her name-callers, they certainly weren’t original.)

The worst part is, Flaherty’s anxieties about her teeth and appearance continued into her adult years, undermining her self-confidence on the job. Braces helped, though she found that the metal variety comes with its own set of distractions, especially for someone long past their adolescent years.

Flaherty finally settled with Invisalign, and was happy to learn that many of her colleagues rely on these clear plastic aligners to straighten their own teeth. After successfully completing orthodontic treatment, she credits having a perfect smile for landing her two big promotions.

Here’s a link to Flaherty’s article in Marie Claire if you’d like to read more: The Get-Ahead Grin

Here’s a link to our post on the hidden benefits of smiling: 5 Hidden Benefits of Smiling

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