Bizarre Idea for Brushing Your Teeth

blizzWould you use a Blizzident toothbrush? This strange contraption is sure to be unlike any toothbrush you’ve used before. The bristles are tailored to your mouth and gumline. (Yes, a 3D model of your teeth must be created first, with the help of an impression or scan provided by your dentist.)

Similar to a mouthpiece, the Blizzident toothbrush is placed inside your mouth. As you grind backwards and forwards as well as from side to side, it cleans and flosses your teeth, and scrubs your tongue – in only 6 seconds.

According to Blizzident creators, this futuristic toothbrush eliminates the errors that manual or electronic toothbrushes introduce, applying just the right amount of pressure and within the correct limits.

The cost is $300 – but you only need to buy one toothbrush a year. That’s still much more expensive than the toothbrushes we’re used to, but if it really saves users an average of $524 in dental costs per year by maintaining a healthy set of teeth, then it actually saves money.

Here’s a video of the toothbrush in action:

What do you think? Will the Blizzident toothbrush catch on? Would you use one? Send us a comment and let us know!

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