5 Fun Apps that Will Get Kids Brushing

Do you wish it were easier to convince your kids to brush? In a perfect world, they would rush to the bathroom sink on their own, excited to clean their teeth and mouths. Well, these 5 apps just may do the trick. Kids love apps that invite them to be active participants in the imaginative worlds they see on the screen—the following will get them on the road to good oral hygiene, too:

  1. Disney Magic Timer

DisneyTimerDisney, Crest, and Oral-B have come together to help make brushing easier and more fun. As kids brush, hidden Disney and Marvel characters appear on the screen. The longer kids brush, the more prizes they’ll win for a magic album. It’s a great way to encourage them to brush their teeth, rewarding them for doing a thorough job. (This app requires the use of a Crest or Oral-B Pro-Health product.)

  1. Brush DJ

Kids love music. The Brush DJ app gets them excited to brush their teeth by playing 2 minutes of music shuffled from your iPad, iPod, or phone. The goal is to make brushing time fly by. The free app also sets reminders for things like seeing the dentist, replacing your toothbrush, and keeping up with healthy habits like flossing and using mouthwash. It’s great for adults, too.

  1. Aquafresh Brush Time

AquafreshA fun “Nurdle” character, catchy music, a brushing timer, and kid-friendly videos on how to reach every tooth; it’s all designed to get kids brushing—the right way. After kids brush their teeth for the full two minutes, the free Aquafresh Brush Time app rewards them with stars they can collect to purchase cool gear to dress up their Nurdle.

  1. Toothsavers

Brought to you by the Ad Council and the Partnership for Healthy Mouths Healthy Lives, the free Toothsavers app gives kids a mission: to save the kingdom from an evil sorceress’s wicked spell. Brushing for two minutes scrubs away the spell for the kingdom’s quirky characters, which include Pirate, Dragon, and Little Red Riding Hood.

  1. TVOKids Tooth Time

Kids choose their character and listen to a catchy 2-minute song as they brush using this fun, free app originally designed to help Ontario kids improve their dental hygiene. The goal is to harness the power of the imagination while showing kids how and where to brush.

There are many more apps like these out there for you to try! Stay tuned for more updates on our blog, and check out our Facebook page for the latest office news.

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  1. Awesome! These are great. I played around with the Disney timer, it was pretty cool!

    I use a 10 count for each area, ends up with about 100 counts. Hey it works! 🙂

    • Alameda Pediatric Dentistry says:

      So glad you used and approve of the app! Thanks for checking in on the blog, and please feel free to let us know if there are any topics you’d be interested in reading about in the future.

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