Mouth Healthy Kids: Free Videos to Help Kids Brush

Photo: Mouth Healthy Kids

Photo: Mouth Healthy Kids

“It’s time to brush your teeth!” What do your kids do when they hear this familiar line? Do they march to the bathroom, or need a little extra nudging? Most likely, it’s the latter.

Constantly convincing your kids to brush can get tiresome. For moments when you could use a little help, Mouth Healthy Kids offers free videos that can do the nudging for you.

For instance, the cartoons characters, Dudley and Friends, sing and dance about brushing and flossing in a fun and playful manner. The songs are actually catchy, so you can memorize the tunes and sing one with your child when you don’t have time to play the video.

Sesame Street is also on board the Mouth Healthy Kids campaign. Videos featuring Elmo and Abby match the beloved characters’ signature moves with footage of kids (and Bruno Mars) having fun brushing their teeth. There are also Sesame Street videos that relay important messages about eating vegetables, drinking water, and opening wide at the dentist in a manner kids can connect with. Because let’s face it – parents can’t always be as much fun as a dancing puppet.

Videos for Parents

Speaking of parents, every now and then, we can use a little perspective, too. The Ad Council’s 2min2x videos are super-quick reminders that kids spend much more time playing video games or watching TV than they do maintaining their teeth – two minutes to brush takes much less time in comparison to most other things in their daily routines.

Still, we all know that it can take twenty minutes of convincing before those two minutes actually take place. Just remember that resources like Mouth Healthy Kids and Alameda Pediatric Dentistry are there to help!

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