7 Fun Stocking Stuffers that Promote Healthy Teeth

The holidays have begun! Chances are, your tree is already decorated and the stockings are hanging above the fireplace, all in a row. Next on the agenda: filling them! Here are seven kid-friendly stocking stuffers your dentist will approve of:

  1. keep-calm-and-floss-on-6Chocolate. Candy is an easy and popular choice for the stocking. Why not make it a tooth-friendly alternative with xylitol-sweetened dark chocolates? These are available from the Healthy Chocolate Company through Amazon.
  2. Books. We love books about going to the dentist, and your kids will too. Choose the likes of Throw Your Tooth on the Roof, by Selby Beeler, to teach them about tooth traditions of other cultures.
  3. Poster. There’s a Keep Calm message for everything, including flossing. A “Keep Calm and Floss On” print or other brushing-themed poster makes a fun surprise that’s easy to fold into the stocking.
  4. Toothbrushes. Who doesn’t enjoy a new toothbrush? While the traditional kid-size brush with a cartoon theme will do the trick, today’s options include everything from talking toothbrushes to toothbrushes made in fun shapes.
  5. Flavored Toothpaste and Floss. Toothpaste that tastes like cupcakes, mint chocolate, or bacon? It does exist, and your kids will get a kick out of the variety. Just make sure the toothpaste contains fluoride.
  6. Photo: Barney's

    Photo: Barney’s

    Tooth Pillow. Barney’s New York is just one place that sells adorable, molar-shaped pillows your child can snuggle with or use to place teeth for the tooth-fairy pick up.

  7. Toothbrush Organizer. Recognize the trendy Umbra Grassy Toothbrush Organizer design? Chances are, kids will find it a lot more fun to use than the ordinary toothbrush holder!

Does the Tooth Fairy work harder than Santa Claus? We think so! Find out why in The Tooth Fairy vs. Santa Claus.


  1. You can also use Sports Mouth Guard, to protect the teeth and gums during games practice.

  2. My mother always made sure to put toothbrushes in our stockings. It became something that I looked forward to during Christmas. I love getting a new toothbrush. It would be a great stocking stuffer.

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