Is Sugar as Toxic as Alcohol?

Photo: frankieleon/CC by 2.0

Photo: frankieleon/CC by 2.0

According to Fortune magazine, children are manifesting increased rates of adult diseases like hypertension or high triglycerides, and they are getting diseases that used to be unheard of in children, like type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease. High sugar intake is a large part of the problem. In fact, refined sugar can be so damaging that it’s often compared to alcohol. Here’s how:

  • Damaging to the liver. Like alcohol, sugar can act as a toxin when consumed in excess, frying your liver.
  • Contributes to chronic metabolic disease. explains that sugar is metabolized virtually identically to alcohol. That’s why the diseases children are now manifesting are alcohol-related diseases, like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Zero nutrition. Both alcohol and sugar consist of calories that provide energy, but no nutritional value, because there’s no biochemical process that requires them.
  • Addictiveness. Sugar and alcohol are extremely addictive. In fact, alcohol is sometimes referred to as “liquid sugar,” and alcoholics report craving sugar when they try to stop drinking, substituting one addiction for another. The Fix states that some patients with a sugar addiction can be even sicker than those with alcohol addictions.
  • Reversible damage. If sugar has been rampant in your home, you can do something about it! Cravings for both added sugar and alcohol diminish after reducing or eliminating consumption. More good news: Research shows that metabolic damage shows signs of reversing after just 10 days.

Bad for the teeth! You know sugar can corrode the teeth, but did you know that alcohol can be just as bad? Mixed drinks contain acidic beverages like energy drinks, soft drinks, and juice, which are guilty of causing tooth erosion. Alcohol also causes dehydration, which reduces the amount of antibacterial agents contained in the saliva. Finally, three quarters of 18- to 29-year-olds admit to not brushing their teeth after a night of drinking.

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  1. These facts are worrisome but I’m glad sugar cravings can eventually go away. Thank you for putting this very important information out there.

  2. High sugar intake is a danger for multiple organs , cravings should be controlled for a healthy living

  3. Thank you for opening up discussions about sugar. It’s alarming how bad sugar is for the entire body!!!

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