Fun Facts about Animals and Their Teeth

Need some encouragement to floss your teeth? Why not get it from a monkey? Monkeys love to floss and have frequently been found improvising tools, including their own hair, to clean their teeth. Monkeys aren’t the only ones with interesting quirks. Here are more fun facts about animals and their teeth:

Sharks. Sharks have multiple rows of teeth and the amazing ability to regrow them—for life. Anytime they lose a tooth, it takes a period of days or months for a new one to replace it.

Giraffes have the same amount of teeth as humans: 32.

Elephants have a set of teeth that never stop growing, easily making them the longest teeth in the world. What are those teeth called? You guessed it—tusks!

Did you know that purple sea urchins have teeth? Five of them, to be specific. They don’t use the teeth to bite into prey, but rocky nooks where they like to hide.

Baleen whales are toothless. The fringed plates that hang from their upper jaws are made from keratin and trap small fish for them to eat.

Frogs have teeth, but toads do not. Both swallow their food whole.

Turtles also do not have teeth, but still nibble their food. How? They use their beak to hold and slice food and also have jaws with horned ridges.

How is a dolphin like a tree? You can reliably tell its age by the number of rings it has. For dolphins, these age rings appear on the teeth. They keep the same set they were born with for their entire life.

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