Think Twice about Bottled Smoothies

Made with fruit, store-bought smoothies seem like a fresh, healthy beverage, one parents can feel good about purchasing for their kids. However, a new study published in the British Medical Journal debunks this myth in a major way. According to the study, many popular brands of smoothies marketed to children contain even more sugar than a can of soda or several candy bars combined.

According to Munchies:

Each of these beats out a can of Coke, which contains 44 grams of sugar. Remember, the recommended daily allowance of sugar for kids is just four teaspoons, or about 16 grams.

Fruit itself contains natural sugars, but while fresh fruit has fibers that keep the body from absorbing all the sugar, bottled smoothies have refined sugars, robbing consumers of that benefit. Bottled smoothie drinks also add sugars in the form of honey or sweet syrups, then advertise their product as “all natural.”

If your kids are craving smoothies, your best bet is to make them at home. Minimize the amount of fruit you use, throw some veggies into the mix, and hold the sweetener.

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  1. every juice / smoothie available on the market has sugar in it, and that’s a fact!

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