Stocking Stuffer: Electronic Toothbrushes

Photo: makelessnoise/CC BY 2.0

Photo: makelessnoise/CC BY 2.0

Looking for a thoughtful holiday present to give to friends and family this year? How about an electronic toothbrush? While it isn’t essential to use one in order to do a thorough job of brushing, electronic toothbrushes do have advantages that go beyond just vibrating. Here are some tips on brands and products to look for from a recent article by Digital Trends:

  • The Oral-B Genius includes motion sensors and a video feed, designed to help you determine what areas of your mouth need more cleaning.
  • The Onvi Prophix  has a camera built into its handle so you can see inside your mouth when you brush your teeth.
  • Many electronic toothbrushes have built-in timers as well. Some include sound effects to mark the time every 30 seconds; others shut off after 2 minutes, so you can be sure you are brushing thoroughly.
  • According to Dr. Boghosian, an American Dental Association spokesperson who spoke with Digital Trends, if you have a hard time gripping a toothbrush or if you need help staying focused for two minutes, an electric toothbrush might be a great option for you.

Remember, you don’t need to use an electronic toothbrush to do a good job. The good thing about manual toothbrushes is they are affordable, easy, and if you use them regularly, effective. For kids, the trick is to get them to show up twice a day for 2-minutes each session. Here are some helpful APD articles to help them do just that!

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  1. This article is great. Electric toothbrushes are not widely accepted for some reason I really couldn’t comprehend. I don’t have anything against the use of a conventional toothbrush as it does the job of cleaning our teeth as long as we do it right.
    Electric toothbrushes on the other hand are really handy what with all the available options you can choose from -timer, motion sensors, cameras in the handle etc.
    Hopefully we’d see more of this also, it wouldn’t hurt if we also get that appointment with a dentist to make sure our biters are on point

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