Q&A with Lindsay, Alameda Pediatric Dentistry’s Marketing Director

Here’s a true testament of how great Alameda Pediatric Dentistry is to kids: many of the practice’s young patients grow up to bring their own kids here, and others even end up working here. APD’s marketing director, Lindsay, is one of those people. Here’s a Q&A with Lindsay to learn more about her love for marketing, the practice, and the city of Alameda.

What do you remember about being a patient at Alameda Pediatric Dentistry?

When I was a patient, I loved visiting the office to see everyone! My older brother, Aaron, used to work at Alameda Pediatric Dentistry, where he did sterilization throughout high school and college. Every time my parents would bring in my younger brother and I for check-ups and cleanings, the whole staff would be happy to see us; they were like family. Portia always cleaned my teeth, so it’s funny working with her because she practically watched me grow up! The thing I remember most about being a patient here were the video games and seeing an always-smiling Dr. Perry.

How did you end up working at APD?

I heard about the job from my brother, Aaron. Even though he’d left the company a long time before, he managed to stay in touch with everyone here. However, it wasn’t until he started bringing in my niece, Alyssa, for dental visits that he got to know the COO, Mari. It was Mari who mentioned to him that she was looking for someone with marketing experience, and at the time, I was doing marketing for an orthodontist in Dublin, so it was a unique fit. Prior to working for Alameda Pediatric Dentistry, my work journey included marketing stints in the publishing field, the commercial real estate industry, and financial services.

Tell us more about your role at APD.

Here at Alameda Pediatric Dentistry, I am the marketing director. I oversee all of the outreach efforts here, both online and offline, as well as coordinate events in the community such as: health fairs, school visits, and sponsorships. I love that we have three different offices and each office presents a unique set of needs.

How has APD changed since you were a patient?

Since I was a patient, the office has grown considerably. The Pleasanton and Oakland offices didn’t exist, and as a patient, I could name all of the dental assistants by name, which is something that would be hard to do now if I were a patient because we have over 50 staff members! The one thing that hasn’t changed since I was a patient is the nurturing and care. Everyone here really cares about their work and making a difference in our patients’ lives. I’m pretty sure that will never change!

What do you like best about working at APD?

Alameda Pediatric Dentistry is a great place to work because even though it’s a dental office, it’s large enough where you get the benefits of a larger company but small enough where you feel like every position in this company is a vital. We are one big family where everyone supports one another. I feel like I have a unique perspective being a former patient, and now, a current employee because I’ve seen the changes and the growth, but also because I understand patients and where they come from because I grew up on the Island too! Alameda is a small-town community and our company is an extension of that.

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