Alameda Pediatric Dentistry Grows, Improves Services for Families

Alameda Pediatric Dentistry has moved to 1105 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 101, and if you and the kids haven’t seen the new office yet, you are in for a treat. In spite of growing to a large 9,500-square-foot facility, the practice maintains its hometown friendliness and personal, one-on-one care; in fact, having a state-of the art space fosters the ability to provide even greater attention to patient needs.  Here are some of the custom features you can look forward to on your next visit:

Multiple Reception Areas

Upon entering the office, you will be greeted by our familiar front desk staff and directed to one of three reception rooms: Ortho reception or Pedo reception, where the kids will find their treasured climbing structure. There’s even a separate reception area for teens and sedation patients.

Ortho Reception

Throughout our halls, kids will find fun, interactive floor tiles that make impressions of their feet.

Separate Wings

Each of the chairs in the new office features its own flat screen TV, so kids can watch their favorite cartoons or movies while they are being treated. In addition to our chairs in the light-filled open Pediatric Bay, we also have several private rooms for kids ages 3 and under, two family rooms for siblings, and teen rooms. Patients and families can find additional benches adjoining these rooms to relax and wait with their loved ones.

Pedo Bay

Orthodontic patients can enjoy their own treatment area in an open bay style.  For their first orthodontic appointment, they will meet with Dr. Kan in a private exam/consult room to ask questions and view x-rays on her office TV.

Ortho Bay

Education Center

We’re strong believers in education and empowering families with the tools to improve and maintain good oral hygiene. On site, our staff can now make use of a private consultation room to work with you on following through with good dental health at home.

Separate Exit

Check-out Area

Forget about traffic jams in the reception area. We now conveniently have a designated check-out area specifically for those who are done with their appointments and ready to schedule their future visits.

Love what you see? These are just a few highlights undertaken with our patients in mind. We look forward to seeing you in the new office soon!

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