3 Risks of Gummy Vitamins

Soft and chewy gummy vitamins are becoming more popular, especially with kids, but a new Parents.com article warns parents that these colorful vitamins have a downside. Parents recently interviewed pediatrician Natalie Muth, MD, RDN, coauthor of The Picky Eater Project, who shared the following three pitfalls:


Sugar content. A serving of gummy vitamins typically contains nearly a teaspoon of sugar. That’s a lot when you consider the fact that the recommended limit is six teaspoons a day!

Increased cavity risk. Sticky foods, like gummies, cling to the teeth and are harder to remove, resulting in cavity-causing bacteria staying on the teeth longer.

They look like candy. This can make kids think they are candy, tempting them to sneak more than they’re supposed to. This can expose them to high levels of iron or other ingredients in the vitamin that should only be ingested in small amounts.

The answer? Avoid gummy vitamins. If you are anxious about your picky eater getting enough vitamins, opt for a multivitamin in chewable tablet form.

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