Artificial Sweeteners in Diet Products May Cause Weight Gain

Photo: Uwe Herman/CC BY-SA 2.0

We recently posted a blog on the artificial sweeteners in diet soda. Are they harmless or hurtful? The research we found suggests they certainly have an impact on the body. In summary, artificial sweeteners can:

  • Change the way your body processes real sugar;
  • Change your body’s gut bacteria for the worse; and
  • Place you at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes.

Read more about that here.

Now, more information has come in from new study findings published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. According to this month’s issue of Time, the findings show that artificial sweeteners may actually cause weight gain rather than helping people lose weight; they can also contribute to other health problems, like:

  • The inclination to eat more processed foods. This can lead to said weight gain and other heart-related problems.
  • A microbiome that’s out of balance. This can interfere with nutrient absorption, the important work of your gut bacteria.
  • An increased craving for sweeter foods.

When it comes to eating sweeter foods, it can be an addiction that’s difficult to break. But sugar takes its toll in the body. Read more about that here: Is Sugar as Toxic as Alcohol?


  1. Whenever we will take much food which includes more carbohydrates, more protein, we will become fat. If you take more sweets means you are taking more carbohydrates so definitely you will gain weight. Anyhow diet is important either to gain weight or to loose weight.

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