5 HABITS THAT ARE HARMING YOUR TEETHYou know that sugary snacks and forgetting to brush can harm your teeth. But what about things like crunching on ice or chewing on the end of your pencil? Little habits like these can negatively impact your chompers over time. Here are more habits to think twice about if you want to preserve the pearly whites for a lifetime of optimal health:

1. Crunching. Crunching hard foods like ice and popcorn kernels can leave microscopic fractures in your enamel. Over time, those can grow into chips or cracks, as well as sensitive areas where the inside of the tooth is exposed.

2. Chewing. You may also chew on things you have no intention of eating, like your nails or the end of your pencil. When done in excess, this habit can wear down your teeth or lead to accidental chipping.

3. Cutting with your teeth. Ever need a pair of scissors and end up using your teeth instead? In these cases, you may find yourself opening things like chip bags, clothing tags, or even bottles. But as with crunching and chewing, you risk damage in the form of chips or cracks when doing so.

4. Brushing too hard. Brushing is always good right? Wrong. When you brush too hard, especially with a hard toothbrush, you can wear down your enamel and injure your gums.

5. Grinding teeth. Grinding teeth can lead to headaches or sore jaws, as well as damaged teeth! The good news is kids often outgrow this nighttime habit. If you’re worried, make an appointment with your little one’s pediatric dentist—crooked teeth or an improper bite may be the cause.

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