5 TIPS FOR THE TRAVELING TOOTHBRUSHChances are you’re getting ready for a big summer trip, or maybe a weekend getaway or two. You’ll want to maintain clean teeth and nice, fresh breath for the duration of your trip.

Here are five tips for a well-maintained smile (and toothbrush!) while you travel:

1. Pack a new one. That way, if you lose it while on vacation or forget it in the hotel room, you’ll still have a toothbrush to use when you get home.
2. Don’t suffocate your toothbrush. This can cause bacteria to grow on it. Many toothbrush holders contain holes for ventilation. If you’re keeping it in a travel bag or case, make sure it has plenty of room. That’s right-this means zip-top bags aren’t the best option.
3. Keep your toothbrush dry. Once you’ve arrived at your hotel or destination, keep your toothbrush out, ready to use, rather than repacking it. This will also ensure you don’t store it while wet, which can also encourage bacteria.
4. Pack it in your purse or backpack. When you’re on the go from morning ‘til night, whether it’s for a work conference or sightseeing, it’s nice to be able to freshen up in between meals with an extra, foldable toothbrush. Speaking of freshening up, gum is also a good idea. It gets your saliva glands working, and if you buy a brand with xylitol, it can also help fight cavities.
5. Check your toothpaste. If you’re bringing a full-size tube, you may have to check it in. For carrying on, a smaller, compact tube is necessary.

Did you know? Alameda Pediatric Dentistry is holding a summer contest, “Where in the world has your toothbrush been?” Now through September 4, simply take a photo with your toothbrush while on vacation, at camp, or on a sleepover, and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram with the #TravelingToothbrush for the chance to win a $100 gift card.

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