Spotlight on Dr. Ohri

Dr. Priyal Ohri, DDS, MS, joined Alameda Pediatric Dentistry in 2016. Her educational journey took her from southern California, where she was born and raised, to northern California, and back again. After completing dental school at UOP, a general dentistry residency at UCLA, and pediatric dentistry training at USC, she was thrilled to move back to the Bay Area to stay.

“I was lucky enough to find an opportunity at this wonderful practice. I love the practice philosophy and am very excited to be able to work with not one but three wonderful pediatric dentists.” Dr. Ohri says. [Read more…]

Q&A with Lindsay, Alameda Pediatric Dentistry’s Marketing Director

Here’s a true testament of how great Alameda Pediatric Dentistry is to kids: many of the practice’s young patients grow up to bring their own kids here, and others even end up working here. APD’s marketing director, Lindsay, is one of those people. Here’s a Q&A with Lindsay to learn more about her love for marketing, the practice, and the city of Alameda.

What do you remember about being a patient at Alameda Pediatric Dentistry?

When I was a patient, I loved visiting the office to see everyone! My older brother, Aaron, used to work at Alameda Pediatric Dentistry, where he did sterilization throughout high school and college. Every time my parents would bring in my younger brother and I for check-ups and cleanings, the whole staff would be happy to see us; they were like family. Portia always cleaned my teeth, so it’s funny working with her because she practically watched me grow up! The thing I remember most about being a patient here were the video games and seeing an always-smiling Dr. Perry. [Read more…]

Meet the Staff: 3 RDAs on What Makes Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry Special


Jennel, Maria, and Mabel (left to right) of Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry

Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry, our sister office, is located in a thriving community with one of the highest ranking school systems in California. Surrounded by 1,200 acres of parks and open space, Pleasanton is conveniently close to Silicon Valley and San Francisco while being tucked away in its own picturesque scene, complete with a flourishing business sector that includes our pediatric dentistry practice.

Jennel, who has been a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) for Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry for almost three years now, describes Pleasanton as a diverse little town with plenty of activities, parks, and restaurants. Maria, now an RDA for over three decades, adds that Pleasanton is additionally very family-oriented.

“The city offers street fairs and concerts in the park on Friday nights in the summer,” Maria says.

[Read more…]

New Year’s Resolution: Go to the Dentist!

JanuaryAfraid to go to the dentist? You’re not alone. According to CommonHealth, 10 percent of the adult population in the United States has such high dental phobia it prevents regular dental visits, while a whopping 75 percent harbors at least some anxiety.

Reasons for this apprehension vary from fear of needles to prohibitive costs. Some people don’t like being examined so closely. Others shudder at the sound of a drill. Still others dread the possibility of receiving bad news.

If there’s ever a time to conquer your fear, it’s the New Year. Make it your resolution to schedule that long-overdue appointment. Here are some pointers to make it happen:

  • It’s not as painful as you think. In fact, many fearful patients who brave their dental visit find it’s not painful at all. The toothache you may develop from a lingering cavity will likely hurt a lot more!
  • dsc_0101bIt’s okay to take a break. It may be hard to talk when a dental instrument is in your mouth, but an experienced dentist knows how to listen for your cues. Raise your hand if you feel uncomfortable and request a break if needed.
  • Get comfortable. Bring your favorite music to distract yourself on the chair. Bringing someone you trust to the appointment can also help you feel more relaxed.
  • Alameda Pediatric Dentistry's Dr. MyLinh Ngo

    Alameda Pediatric Dentistry’s Dr. MyLinh Ngo

    Learn more beforehand. Talking to your dentist face to face, not from the patient’s chair, may help you to overcome misconceptions that feed your fear.

  • Consider sedation dentistry. For extensive procedures, this may be a good option for you. Sedation isn’t limited to the use of general anesthesia. Nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation help nervous patients relax through the entire procedure while they are awake.

You may not be the only one in the house who’s due for a dental appointment. If your child’s first tooth has erupted, it’s time to schedule their first visit! Our pediatric dentists have specialized knowledge on working with nervous, active, or young children. We’ll help ensure they develop a positive attitude about going to the dentist from the age of one! Contact Alameda Pediatric Dentistry today for more information.

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Kid-Friendly Words for the Dentist’s Office

Kid-Friendly Words for the Dentist’s Office

Words have the power to change outlook. At Alameda Pediatric Dentistry, we’ve spent decades developing a specialized set of words to help young patients feel calm and informed during their appointments.

When talking about the dentist at home, keep our softer terminology in mind. “Tooth cleaner,” for example, is far more cheery than the word “drill.” Fun and helpful word substitutions such as this provide a sense of understanding while nurturing a positive attitude about dental care for years to come. After all, going to the dentist should be fun, not scary!

Here are some of the most common pediatric dental terms you’ll hear us using at the dentist’s office: [Read more…]

Dentistry Team Makes a Difference in the Philippines


Many children in the remote villages of developing countries would not have access to dental care without the support of Kids International Dental Services (KIDS), which provides a platform for young dental professionals to perform community service around the globe. Alameda Pediatric Dentistry’s Dr. Ngo and dental assistant Alice Cahigas recently returned from a mission with KIDS to the rural areas of Taguig City in the Philippines.

“It was so fulfilling to be able to help a little 7-year-old save both her bottom molars from going down the road of chronic pain and extraction,” Dr. Ngo says. “Oftentimes, we see 10-year-olds with no back teeth to chew on – just severely decayed molar root tips.”

Over the course of the six days, Dr. Ngo and her team performed close to 600 treatments, including extractions and sealants.

Over the course of the six days, Dr. Ngo and her team performed close to 600 treatments, including extractions and sealants.

Examples of rampant decay were the norm for the Alameda and Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry (APPD) team during their six-day mission, when they visited four schools and two orphanages. Patients at these sites are often malnourished, the children of gang violence, street accidents, and other causes of abandonment by their families. [Read more…]

Give Kids a Smile Day

On Saturday, March 23, Alameda Pediatric Dentistry’s doctors and staff were hard at work to Give Kids a Smile. While most dental offices were closed for the weekend, Drs. Ngo, Katheria, and Shaffer and 11 Alameda and Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry staff members volunteered their time to provide much-needed dental care to underserved kids.

“We could not help these families without our wonderful team, whose energy and enthusiasm at 7:30 in the morning was invigorating,” Dr. Ngo says.

dsc_0111bGive Kids a Smile is an American Dental Association (ADA)-sponsored program that galvanizes dental societies, schools, and health centers across the country to provide oral health care services to children who come from low-income backgrounds. [Read more…]

Dental Health Month: 5 Tips for a Gold Medal Smile

National_Children3b February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, sponsored by the American Dental Assocation (ADA). This year’s theme is “Gold Medal Smile.” All month long, Alameda and Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry will work with the ADA to raise awareness in the community about the importance of oral health.

To kick off the campaign, here are 5 tips to help your kids achieve a gold medal smile:

  1. Talk about Teeth. Seize opportune moments throughout the day to discuss the importance of healthy teeth. Find photos of smiling faces in magazines. Ask the kids what teeth do for those smiles. During dinner, investigate the different foods on your plate and talk about how easily each one could be chewed without teeth. You may even link teeth with pronunciation by playing a game – try saying words like “teeth” and “ladybug” without touching your tongues to your teeth! [Read more…]

Top 5 Halloween Candies to Avoid

Every year on Halloween, the kiddies go door to door for treats and the big pile of candy that ends up at home seems like one big trick. Our advice – don’t let the candy binge last. Chewing lots and lots of sweets one day is better for their teeth than indulging in a few pieces every day for weeks on end.

As you check the candy loot, you’ll do well by removing some of the following tooth-decaying culprits from the stash: [Read more…]

Find Us at First Wednesday in Pleasanton

Come say “hello” at the Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry booth!

On the first Wednesday of every month in Pleasanton, Main Street is closed off to traffic and the street party begins. From 4:30 to 10 p.m., downtown shops bring their goods outdoors to their market booths for a sea of shoppers, diners, and strollers enjoying the fresh air, live music, and friendly atmosphere.

If this sounds like a fun time and you’re out and about on September 5 at Pleasanton’s 1st Wednesday Street Party, be sure to visit the Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry booth. We’ll set up shop with a sugar game for the kids, free toothbrushes, educational info, and a raffle basket filled with goodies for a healthy smile.

“We love volunteering our time to enjoy Pleasanton’s downtown area and connect with our neighbors,” Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry office’s Nancy Wilbur says. “It’s always a treat when one of our young patients comes running to the booth.”

Here are some of our favorite highlights of First Wednesday: [Read more…]