DR. MARGARITA LACHICA JOINS THE APD ORTHODONTIC TEAMAlameda Pediatric Dentistry is proud to have a new orthodontist on our team. Dr. Margarita Lachica has been drawn to orthodontics from the time she got her own braces at 12 years old, when she became fascinated by the positive atmosphere of her orthodontist’s office and how much he and his staff loved their work.

Dr. Lachica credits having braces for much of the success she’s been able to achieve since then, from going to university to being in the military to working as a dentist abroad to running her own practice.

“As a kid, I was shy. I think some of it was because of my less-than-perfect teeth. After I got my braces off, I came out of my shell and grew into a greater sense of confidence. Being able to smile when you want to rather than being embarrassed is huge.”

Without that confidence, Dr. Lachica says she probably wouldn’t have attempted many past endeavors, such as apply to be an astronaut in 2002. “I was just out of the Navy, living in Houston and still looking for adventure. Some reservist pilot friends applying to be astronauts said NASA was looking for doctors/scientists…and I was both! Obviously, I wasn’t accepted, but I’m glad that I tried.”

Today, Dr. Lachica is grateful to be a part of the APD family, helping kids who are self-conscious about their teeth dramatically improve their once-hidden smiles and watching their personalities blossom from the time they are six or seven years old until they go off to college.

“I love getting hugs from my patients and I’m proud to report that it happens pretty often. After being with these kids and parents for such a long time you develop a lovely familiarity and closeness, and it’s quite touching sometimes.”

If you are waiting for your appointment and hear excitement and laughter coming from the orthodontics clinic, it is likely the sound of Dr. Lachica and her patients having a ball. Like the kids she works with, Dr. Lachica describes herself as super excitable. Together, they create a positive feedback loop and an abundance of good energy.

“I’ve heard that people can tell when I’m smiling, even under my mask because I smile so big. It’s how I prefer to spend my day.”

When she’s not at APD, Dr. Lachica may be found spearfishing in the ocean, cooking Filipino dishes with “almost-good” consistency, or doing a “silly” run, such as a mud run, bubble run, paint run, obstacle run, or another charity run.

Dr. Lachica appreciates the services APD provides as a multi-doctor organization with the unique intimacy and level of patient care that she finds commensurate with a single doctor office. She also appreciates the wonderful sense of service for country that the city of Alameda resonates with.

“When you hold respect for the military and support our troops, you support their families too. It’s not easy to go on a month or six-month appointment, leaving a spouse behind to take care of the kids, and so, families deserve a thank you as well.”

Come say hello to Dr. Lachica, and contact us to make an appointment.

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