HOW MUCH DOES THE TOOTH FAIRY SPEND?Does your child have a loose tooth? If so, a visit from the Tooth Fairy may soon be anticipated in your home. According to the latest issue of the CDA Journal, the Tooth Fairy will be visiting close to 90 percent of U.S. households with children—up from 84 percent previously.

So, how much can your child expect the Tooth Fairy to invest? The little one may be pleased to know that her teeth are worth more to the Tooth Fairy than they were just a few years ago. Today, the Tooth Fairy leaves an average of $3.70 per tooth, according to the CDA Journal. That’s a 42% increase from 2011. But a tooth’s going rate varies. Here are some helpful statistics:

MoneyKids in the Northeast must be brushing those baby teeth to a shine. The Tooth Fairy spends above her average in this region, at about $4.10 per tooth.
A lucky 10 percent of kids will find more than $5 under their pillows, while an even luckier 6 percent will find $20 or more.
The Tooth Fairy is sometimes strapped for cash, or carefully evaluating her expenditures. About 36 percent of kids will receive a dollar or less per tooth.
Chances are, your child will score more for his tooth than his big brother or sister did. Whatever the Tooth Fairy decides, parents will find a valuable opportunity to pass on the value of a dollar, and even, perhaps, a lesson about inflation.

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