HOW TO KEEP AN INFANTS MOUTH CLEAN AND HEALTHYThere are so many milestones to be celebrated in a baby’s first year. First words, first steps, first foods and many questions parents ask! Good oral health starts well before the first teeth erupt in your child’s mouth. It begins with you as a parent as soon as your child is born.

Establishing excellent oral hygiene habits from the very beginning will help your child maintain those habits throughout their life. What kind of oral health can be done prior to those first little pearly whites? Let’s look at what you can do!


Most babies get their first teeth around the age of six months old, but good oral care begins before then! Start early and introduce your child to the idea of cleaning their gums with a soft wash cloth or a special baby toothbrush. Twice a day is plenty, once in the morning and once in the evening will help them understand that this is something we do daily. Your baby may fuss or resist at first, but it’s like cleaning any other part of your child’s body, they can begin to enjoy it as part of a daily routine.

While teeth emerge around six months of age, teething starts at about three months of age. The teeth are beginning to make their way through the tissue and this can make your child fussy, restless and irritable. To combat the discomfort of teething, try massaging the gums with your clan finger or a cold washcloth. There are also teething toys available that your baby can hold and chew on to help massage the gums.


Don’t forget to give us a call! As soon as your baby’s first tooth comes in, it’s important to bring them in for a checkup! Together, we’ll help your child establish good habits that will last a lifetime!

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