What to Expect with Your First Days in Braces

How long does the process take?

About 1-2 hours.

What will the orthodontist do?

The orthodontist will clean and dry your teeth and then apply a bonding glue to attach each bracket to each tooth. The glue may taste unpleasant but it is harmless. Lastly, the orthodontist will place the arch wire in the brackets and secure them with elastic bands.

Will it hurt? For how long?

Getting your braces put on will not hurt, but you might notice some discomfort a few hours after your braces are placed. Some teeth might feel tender, but you will notice the pain will eventually dissipate within the week.

Tips for Dealing with the Discomfort

  • Over the counter pain relievers may help alleviate the pain
  • It’s important to stick to soft foods the first few days, such as smoothies, mashed potatoes, yogurt, etc.
  • Remember to avoid sucking on or touching your mouth sores with your tongue or fingers. The sores will be sensitive and touching them might make them more irritated.
  • Mouth sores are not uncommon and should heal quickly. We recommend avoiding acidic foods and drinks which could irritate your mouth sores even more.
  • Rinsing your mouth sores with a mix of warm salt water also helps to ease the irritation.
  • The initial few days will take a bit of an adjustment, but eventually things will improve as your mouth is given time to adjust.