THE TOOTH FAIRY VS. SANTA CLAUSIt’s that time of year when Santa gets all the attention. Not to get on Jolly Old St. Nick’s case – we all appreciate him for the elements of wonder, surprise, and generosity he inspires during the holidays. But here’s giving the Tooth Fairy some love: because many kids will lose a baby tooth before the New Year!

Here are 10 ways the Tooth Fairy shows up Santa:

1. The Tooth Fairy can bring gifts multiple times a year.
2. The Tooth Fairy doesn’t need a magic sled or reindeer to fly.
3. Both Santa and the Tooth Fairy are recognized for their hard work and dedication to children. As far as we know, though, the Tooth Fairy does it all on her own. No fleet of elves in her forest.
4. The Tooth Fairy has multiple disguises. In some countries, the Tooth Fairy is known as a mouse: Ratoncito Perez.
5. There are too many fake Santas around; the grumpy ones only confuse the kids. But it is nearly impossible to impersonate the elusive Tooth Fairy.
6. The Tooth Fairy helps kids through the difficulty of losing their first baby tooth and keeps them excited during that long, awkward phase when the rest of their permanent teeth come in.
7. The Tooth Fairy believes in a fair trade and teaches kids about good business ethics.
8. It’s unknown what the Tooth Fairy does with all those teeth. Some legends have it that she helps the flowers grow. Others believe she builds entire cities with the teeth. One thing’s for certain: the Tooth Fairy’s magic is at work in mysterious ways.
9. The Tooth Fairy has been known to surprise adults as well as children, gifting them with their baby teeth when they least expect it. Make sure those teeth are clean!
10. The Tooth Fairy inspires good hygiene from the earliest days, an essential habit that benefits us throughout our lives!

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