WHY DO WE DREAM OF TEETH?Teeth often appear in our dreams. Many people dream their teeth are teeth falling out, missing, or breaking. Why is this so common, and what could it mean? While the answers are not definitive, we thought it would be fun to feature some popular theories from the dream experts. Here are three tooth-related dream interpretations to ponder:

1. Something needs straightening. According to the Dream Dictionary, dreaming of having broken or chipped teeth could indicate something in your life you want to fix. This could translate to anything from self-destructive behavior to a stormy relationship.
2. Thinking of age. Cultural symbols could be at play in our dreams. According to the Huffington Post, losing teeth, even in dreams, is accepted and natural in many parts of the world, just as aging is. However, in the West, where aging is more feared, losing teeth could be related to the fear of getting older.
3. Feeling loss of control. Bustle did some digging on the common dream of losing teeth in the middle of an otherwise ordinary activity. They found it could be related to feelings of stress and overwhelm. If you recently had one of these dreams, it’s a good time to evaluate and let go of the things you have no control over.

Of course, every dream varies and the reasons for them are just as wide-ranging. A dream could even reflect something happening at that moment. For instance, if your teeth ache in your dreams and continue to throb when you wake up, you may be dealing with an actual oral health issue. In that case, the good news is a definitive answer from a dentist is just a phone call away.

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